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Lunch ‘n’ Learn

Lunch ‘n’ learn with Dave Rees, our energetic and fun-filled Director. He offers an informative insight into structural waterproofing in our lunchtime CPD seminar entitled “BS8102-Protection of Structures Against Water From The Ground, Using Sodium Bentonite”

At atal uk we use waterproofing products which utilises the unique, high swelling properties of natural Sodium Bentonite. This is a clay of volcanic origin with the ability to swell to many times its dry volume when in contact with water. In a contained state, the bentonite uses the ground water against itself to form a dense, impenetrable gel that completely locks water and vapour out, providing Grade 3 protection for Type A structures, in line with BS8102:2009.

The Agenda for the seminar includes:

  • BS 8102 : 2009 – An introduction to the code of practice for Below Ground Waterproofing
  • Sodium Bentonite – Technical explanation of the product and its original delivery system
  • An explanation of its construction and its features/application within the construction waterproofing market.
  • Unique applications, direct to contiguous/secant/steel piles and existing masonry
  • Its use in conjunction with both Type B and Type C protective measures
  • Waterbar – the use of Sodium Bentonite in sealing construction joints
  • Ground Gas Protection – the codes
  • Conclusion/Discussion

Those who attend the seminar are made aware of a system which achieves the highest levels of tanking (one product achieving grades 1,2 & 3) and also providing a ground gas barrier, all certified by the BBA. What’s more, it can be applied in virtually all weather conditions.

Dave has been involved in the waterproofing of over 2000 projects. Sodium Bentonite was used in the majority of these as the waterproofing medium. This system in particular was chosen because of its reliability and competitiveness.

The seminar we offer gives the client and everyone involved, a complete and coherent understanding of waterproofing in a unique and entertaining way, including live experiments!

The seminar lasts 45 minutes with time set aside for a question and answer session with the audience. atal uk will be glad to reimburse for any lunch that may be provided.