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A Life of a Waterproofer

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As one of the operators on site, it is my duty to maintain our high standard of work, and on the project, we are currently working on, which requires almost two thousand square meters of waterproofing, it can be quite an intimidating task. Although, our close-knit team and wholistic approach to the work required, this job has been proven this to be very achievable and enjoyable.

In order to start the first phase of the works, we got the details and RAMS from the boys in technical, met with the site manager to get inducted, and cracked on with getting the materials (which had been delivered ready for our arrival) and laying the membrane to the floor.

When it came to the waterproofing to the walls, we had noticed that the construction of the wall itself had differed somewhat but was enough to warrant a slight amendment to the design. So we informed the site manager and our technical manager who then collaborated with us to come up with a suitable design that stayed within budget without compromising the integrity of the system or going over our scheduled time for the work.

This project has characterised my experience working with atal. Bringing an idea to fruition through communication, collaboration, hard graft and skill from all of our team; along with some hurdles to cross thrown in!

The most essential piece of equipment I have is my phone, which I keep on me at all times. This gives me access to the essentials that I need in order to complete our work. From using my phone I am able to access the details that our Technical team has drawn up, so I know what products to use and where to put each one. Access to these documents and RAMS allows us to communicate effectively etc.