Birmingham Conservatoire


To provide Grade 3 waterproofing and ground gas protection to Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham’s premier music school.


atal were engaged at design stage as waterproofing experts, providing details and a specification to meet the project specific criteria. Materials were delivered to site and operatives were trained by atal staff into the installation of the systems.


After the design and supply of the structural waterproofing and ground gas protection system alongwith visits by atal staff to monitor the waterproofing installation, a dry basement was achieved.

Case Experts

David Rees CSSW

Ian Price CSSW

Case Summary                                      

To achieve a Grade 3 environment as defined in BS8102:2009, firstly, the risk of the project was lowered through the installation of maintainable sub surface land drainage.  atal Bentofix 5300 (Type A waterproofing system) was used to the back of the retaining wall with atal Radbar 500 installed below the slab of the structure.

Type A                                                   

Structural waterproofing and ground gas protection was provided using atal Bentofix 5300 installed to the back of the retaining wall and Radbar 500 below the slab. Waterproofing continuity was provided at the wall floor junction using atal Smentsil through the kicker joint of the retaining wall. atal Flo Board 4e was installed behind the retaining wall, allowing the contractor to backfill with ‘as dug’ material. The installation of atal Flo Board 4e resulting in cost savings along with improving the green credentials of the project.  A maintainable drain was installed at the bottom of the retaining wall to ensure hydrostatic pressure doesn’t build. 

RDA Comment                                       

‘atal UK have a comprehensive product range, they always offer practical achievable solution and delivery on time results. David is very knowledgeable, and his positive approach is refreshing, hopefully we will continue to enjoy our mutually beneficial relationship, long into the future’.
Simon Monk - McDermotts