Links Way London


To provide structural waterproofing on a prestigious, modern private development in North Wood, London. Contiguous piles were utilised to optimise the space available. 


atal were engaged at design stage as waterproofing experts, providing bespoke waterproofing details and a specification to meet the project criteria. Materials were installed by atal Contracting Limited. 


After initial design meetings by CSSW qualified surveyors, custom design details provided by the technical department and installation by atal Contracting Limited the project was completed on time and on budget providing a Grade 3 environment.

Case Experts                                         

David Rees CSSW
Ian Price CSSW

Case Summary                                      

atal were approached by the project architect at design stage to provide waterproofing to a Grade 3 environment as defined in BS8102:2009, no water penetration or damp acceptable.

Type A                                                   

The project utilised atal Bentofix 5000, a Type A waterproofing system, fixed to contiguous piles. Atal Bentofix 5000 is a needle punched GBR-C, which has a uniform layer of natural Sodium Bentonite clay powder encapsulated between a slit-film woven geotextile and a staple-fiber nonwoven geotextile. This provides full surface contact between the Bentonite impregnated cover layer and the concrete substrate, ensuring small cracks and surface imperfections are sealed. A 150mm reinforced concrete sleeve was constructed to the face of the piles to provide the compression required for the membrane to function.
atal Bentostrip Waterbar was used in all below ground reinforced concrete construction joints.  Each joint was prepared, scabbled until aggregate was exposed prior to the installation of the waterbar.  atal Bentostrip Waterbar utilises the unique properties of natural Sodium Bentonite, which swells many times its dry volume when in contact with water to form an impenetrable gel.  The expanded clay forms a tight compression seal, completely locking out water.
After installation of atal Bentofix 5000 the build continued, atal Contracting Limited were then called back to install atal Premsil 100, a self adhesive membrane, to provide waterproofing continuity into DPC level. 


‘We had the fortune of being introduced to atal through our main contractor. We were very pleased with the work they carried out. Although we had some challenges with some leaks with our new build atal was able to identify the source of the problem very quickly and resolve it immediately. I would have no hesitation in recommending atal.’- Prakash Patel – Hertz