Glass Wharf Bristol


To achieve a Grade 2/3 environment in a new build 8 story office development located in Bristol’s vibrant Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.


During the design stage of the project, atal were approached and contracted to provide the waterproofing solution. atal provided a tailored solution to meet the project specific criteria and all UK industry standards. Materials were ordered and delivered to site as required by the contractor. atal also trained the site operatives in the correct fitment of the waterproofing system to enable a speedy and smooth installation.


atal were tasked with considering the usage and subsequent basement grades and with providing a bespoke solution for structural waterproofing on the project. atal attended design meetings and provided a project specific specification, including details drawn by the atal technical department. Ongoing technical support was also provided with the installation monitored throughout project completion. 

Case Experts                                         

David Rees CSSW
Ian Price CSSW

Case Summary                                      

The basement consisted of Grade 2 and Grade 3 areas.  A combined system was specified to the Grade 3 areas with one line of waterproofing defense in Grade 2 areas.  Waterproofing to Grade 3 areas consisted of a Type A Bentonite clay active membrane coupled with steel sheets piles with welded clutches.  Atal Smentsil, crystalline waterproofing, was specified in Grade 3 areas to provide additional protection.

Type A                                                   

Type A waterproofing was provided using atal Bentofix 5000 below the concrete slab and to the face of the sheet piles.  atal Bentofix 5000 is suited to property line installations and formed a fully bonded system after the installation of the concrete sleeve.
atal Bentostrip Waterbar was used in all below ground reinforced concrete construction joints.  Each joint was prepared with aggregate exposed prior to the installation of the waterbar.  atal Bentostrip Waterbar utilises the unique properties of natural Sodium Bentonite, which swells many times its dry volume when in contact with water to form an impenetrable gel, preventing groundwater entering the structure through the joint.  

Type B     

Secondary Type B waterproofing was provided in Grade 3 areas using welded sheet piles.  atal Smentsil was used on the inside of the concrete sleeve wall in these areas to provide further protection. atal Smentsil is a surface applied material that contains a compound of active ingredients which combine with the free lime and moisture present to form insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals block capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks to prevent any further water ingress.  The material will still allow the structure to ‘breathe’, by allowing the passage of water vapour.


‘We have completed the groundworks package and almost completed the RC Frame Package at 3 Glass Wharf in Bristol on behalf of HMRC through Wates Construction. Throughout this project 4D Structures worked alongside atalUK to ensure the waterproofing elements involved were installed to the highest standard. It was a pleasure working with atal from the design stage right through to the final sign off. They provide a brilliant service from initial design, with additional details throughout the construction process, to supply of materials, on-site support and pre-pour inspections. I would highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the near future.’Jordan Keyes - 4D Structures.