Bath Spa University 'Commons' Building

Name: Bath Spa: University ‘Commons’ Building

Main Contractor: Skanska

Concrete Frame Subcontractor: MPB Structures



The construction of Bath Spa University’s new ‘commons’ building was part of a £40 million renovation plan for Bath Spa University. Multinational construction and development company Skanska was the main contractor for the project which represented the first phase of a master plan aimed at further developing teaching facilities and student accommodation for the University. The new building adhered to designs which were set in place by English Heritage and Natural England and, in order to achieve the highest possible standard of environmental performance or BREEAM Excellence, the University and Skanska focussed strongly on environmental and sustainable solutions, including the incorporation of a Green Roof.



We compiled project specific details to comply with BS8102 prior to delivery of materials. Remedial pipe entry details were discussed on site and detailed accordingly.


Required materials were split into managebale quanities to solve storage issues on site. Material was delivered within 24 hours of order.


We trained installers on site in the application of products in accordance with data sheets and details provided followed by site inspections and reports for quality control.


Effective structural waterproofing was an important element in the building’s construction and waterproofing experts Atal , who specialise in waterproofing basements, provided waterproofing materials for the concrete structures. Atal, who market NAUE Geosynthetic’s Bentofix® products into the UK construction industry, recommended the installation of a Bentofix® X2 BFG 5300 waterproofing system for the project. Bentofix® X2 BFG 5300 is designed for installation of both vertical and horizontal structures below ground level where there is a need to prevent the ingress of both water and ground gas. It is a needle-punched GBR-C (Geosynthetic Barrier – Clay) comprised of a uniform layer of powder sodium bentonite that is encapsulated between a slit-film woven and a staple-fibre nonwoven geotextile. The woven fabric is coated with a low-permeability polymer polyolefin coating to achieve an immediate gas and radon gas barrier prior to hydration. Where gas permeation or desiccation may become an issue, the polymer coating on Bentofix® X2 BFG 5300 adds a level of protection to the bentonite to help improve its performance. Bentofix® X2 BFG 5300 is a BBA approved Type ‘A’ gas and waterproofing membrane developed for the waterproofing and damp proofing of underground reinforced concrete structures. With the presence of ground gas at the Bath Spa University site plus the fact that sodium bentonite is natural occurring clay, its choice met both the required performance and sustainability criteria. In total, 3000m2 of Bentofix® X2 BFG 5300 was successfully installed by concrete frame manufacturer MPB Structures, who also undertook the groundwork for the project.


Key Products Used: Bentofix 5300