Atal UK's System of Enquiry

Atal UK System of Enquiry

Check out our System of Enquiry below, it shows how we can be involved throughout your project!

It all begins with an enquiry:

Why Enquire with Atal?

Atal provide a range of structural waterproofing products that are fully compliant with the British Standard (BS8102 + BS8485) for both new builds and refurbishment. We pride ourselves on our reputation for our high level of service. Ensuring clear communication, design responsibility and bespoke CAD details. During installation we provide comprehensive on site training and undertake regular site inspections to ensure tthat all materials are installed according to the details and data sheets; eliminating the biggest risk of a substandard installation. We also provide reports and 3 grades of warranty.

Here's how you can enquire:

Call us on: 01495 717202

Email us at:

Enquire with Structural Waterproofing Experts Atal UK


Atal take design responsibility for the structural waterproofing of the project. After the initial design consultation with the architect, consulting engineer, contractor or all three, Atal's technical staff compile your specification and bespoke CAD drawings producing a complete waterproofing strategy. 

The design team are Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing(CSSW) qualified and work to design and best practise guidelines.

Atal UK CSSW Structural and Basement Waterproofing


Our estimators can send you a quote for the supply of atal materials as specified on the Waterproofing Solution. We offer on site training to ensure your groundworkers are competent in installing our materials.

Supply from Atal UK


Our specialist installers are supported by CSSW trained technicians who are able to provide waterproofing designs based on site-specific requirements to meet BS-EN 8102:2009, NHBC Chapter 5.4, Premier and LABC waterproofing requirements.

All of our installers carry relevant and up to date CSCS cards, are fully trained on the application of external membranes, internal cavity drain systems, podium deck waterproofing and ground gas protection and are supported by CSSW qualified technicians.

Our structural waterproofing installers then carry out waterproofing works on site following the details and datasheets to provide our 10-year warranty.

All of our installers are trained and experienced in the installation of our specialist materials.

Install with Atal UK


Our qualified supervisors regularly visit sites in order to ensure that Atal's high standards of installation are maintained by all installation technicians.

The supervisors also ensure that regular reports are completed throughout the installation process in order to provide our atal warranty scheme for your project.

Inspection by Atal UK


To create peace of mind with your structural waterproofing, atal offers three grades of warranty packages, ranging from 3 - 5 stars. For more information on our warranty packages, please see the diagram linked.

Warranty Structural Waterproofing

Feel free to check through our website where you'll find further information on products, systems and warranties! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Team Atal