BREXIT Announcement

Atal Brexit Announcement Structural Waterproofing

"A warm hello to all of our customers. 


I want to take the time to reassure everybody that with Brexit coming up this evening, we will continue to buy quality products from our German partners Schomburg and Naue. We want to demonstrate to our customers that we are only interested in using quality materials from quality partners.


I've experienced highs and lows within the industry having been in it for over 30 years and there have certainly been some testing periods. I'm sure that some of you will remember the recessions that have tested our resolve. I have always maintained faith in the British construction industry to strive through these moments amid uncertainty, I am sure this season in British history will be no different. For your information and reassurance, we will be maintaining our exclusive partnership agreements with the highly innovative German companies, Naue and Schomburg and we're not tempted to bring in lesser quality materials into our industry.


As a company, we've had a strong January and are excited about the coming year. Our technical team continues to design bespoke solutions to satisfy client projects so whether this is an exciting period for your company or a time of uncertainty, Atal UK will remain consistent and continue to offer peace of mind to all of our clients.


We'd love for you to contact our technical team, to see how they can help you today."


- David Rees, Managing Director.