atal Bentofix 5000



Product overview

atal Bentofix 5000 is a waterproofing membrane comprising a of a uniform layer of powder sodium bentonite that is  encapuslted between a slit-film woven and a staple-fibre nonwoven geotextile.  The non woven geotextile side is placed against concrete structure.


  • atal Bentofix 5000 can be used to provide waterproofing protection to below ground structure to grades 1, 2 and 3 as defined in BS8102:2009
  • Provides protection in either post-applied or pre-applied situations.
  • Can be installed in both horizontal or vertical applications.
  • Can be installed on reinforced concrete retaining walls and prepared block work retaining walls.
  • Service reservoirs.
  • When pre-applied below reinforced concrete slabs or walls atal Bentofix 5000 forms a fully bonded waterproofing system.


  • Unique impermeable lap joints derived from surface bentonite impregnation of the nonwoven geotextile layer during manufacture.
  • Full surface contact between the Bentonite impregnated cover layer and the concrete ensures that small cracks and surface imperfections are sealed
  • Self-healing sodium bentonite properties
  • Quick and easy installation in almost all weather conditions Forms a tenacious mechanical bond to poured concrete when cast in situ, remaining in place if settlement of the substrate occurs
  • No requirement for priming systems, joint taping or protection systems BBA Accredited






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