atal Radbar 300



Radbar 300 is a manufactured, blown polythene, mono layer film produced from virgin polymer.  Radbar radon resisting membrane is a passive control system.

THE RADBAR RADON SYSTEM consists of a membrane extending the whole of the floor and walls. The system should incorporate an under-floor ventilated sump/sumps, which can be subsequently converted to an active system by use of suitable ventilation fans.

Radbar radon resisting membrane, when installed in accordance with the BRE and NHBC recommendations, will also act as a damp-proof membrane to protect the building against the ingress of moisture from the ground.

Certified by the British Board Of Agrement and the Irish Agrement Board. Radbar complies with NHBC Recommendations and CIRIA C665.

  • Suitable for use as a Radon Gas Barrier and a Damp Proof Membrane.
  • Radbar 300μm has been independently tested for Radon Gas Resistance.
  • Radbar 300μm is produced from high quality polymers, is very robust and has a high resistance to puncture.

4m x 25m 300mu Roll


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