atal Radbar 500




Atal Radbar 500 micron gas barrier is a safe solution to prevent the ingress of CO2 Methane and Radon gas when used in the construction of buildings and dwellings. Typical areas where the membrane may be used are, coalfields, contaminated industrial sites, landfill and brown field sites.

Radbar 500 micron gas barrier is a very effective gas barrier and protects buildings and occupiers from the ingress of gas and moisture. The building regulations require that proper precautions be taken to prevent danger to health and safety when building on gas contaminated land. When installed in accordance with the BRE report 414 “Protective measures for housing on gas contaminated land” Radbar is an effective solution to the problem and can be laid with confidence. Its distinctive green colour and printed traceability code on the film, ensures that material can easily be identified.

2m x 25m x 500mu Roll


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