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Greenroof Systems

atal uk specialises in the design and installation of Green Roofs for both commercial and domestic markets, aiding both architects and clients with the exact specification with an after service to ensure the roof thrives. Recently, Green Roofs have become more popular now that a major consideration in urban development is the impact the structure has on the environment. Many authorities endeavour to counter balance the effects of urban development, out of which has evolved the green roof. A Green Roof will not only improve storm water run off, improve heating efficiency of the structure, elongate the life of the waterproofing membrane, it is also visually appealing and offers habitat to local wildlife.

atal uk have the expertise to assess the structural requirements that may need to be made to upgrade the roof strength in order to support the additional weight of a green roof. atal uk green roof packages can be supplied traditionally in large rolls of membranes, bulk bags of growing media and rolls of sedum or it can be supplied in neat, easy to install trays, incorporating the drainage, growing media and vegetation, essential in projects where access to high levels is limited. atal uk ensures the growing media and vegetation is the most appropriate for the area in which the project lies. Plants indigenous to the British Isles can be incorporated to score BREEAM points. atal uk use qualified installers of EPDM and cold liquid applied membranes and vegetation grown by an established supplier in Mid Wales ensuring that the green roof system is of a truly sustainable nature.


atal UK will design a green roof, producing bespoke working drawings specific to your project needs. atal UK have the expertise to design from concept through to project completion plus further assistance in maintaining and protection. Where maintenance of a tanking system or green roof is required, an atal UK maintenance regime can be introduced. Any maintenance service will be bespoke for specific projects. Typical Green Roof Maintenance Regime, Visibly inspect for damaged waterproofing, structural drainage and irrigation system, Ensure drains and guttering are flowing freely, Removal and disposal of unwanted debris, Clear gravel margins, Removal of weeds and unwanted seedlings, Repair or replacement of failed areas of planting, Application of appropriate fertilizers, Report. We can maintain commercial and residential green roofs with a frequency dependent on and specific to the project specification. We aim to offer the best value products and services without compromising the specification.


atal Uk promote and use the most advanced materials with sustainability as our most foremost thought . We endeavour to work with independent manufacturers with proven systems, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of systems to provide bespoke solutions for individual project requirements. atal Uk systems and materials are fully compatible and BBA certified where necessary to comply with BS8102, the Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground, NHBC, the Green Roof Organisation and other recommended guidelines. We ensure that the required specifications are fulfilled in the most cost effective manner without compromising risk because customer confidence is of major importance to us. By controlling overheads, atal Uk are able to offer the most competitive prices. All systems come with a high level of service. We help you to ensure that all materials are installed according to details and datasheets. atal Uk aims to play its part to encourage and offer affordable sustainable building solutions, ensuring the British construction industry is innovative and moving forward at all levels.


atal Uk have the experience of waterproofing thousands of structures ranging from 35000m2 new build shopping centres and existing wet cellar conversions, to many Green Roofs up and down Wales and the West Country. We are able to carry out installations working around other contractors ensuring delays in construction are avoided. Our aim is to provide an excellent finish without compromise whether the project is commercial or domestic.

There are four main types of green roofs:

  • Extensive Green Roof
  • Brown/ Biodiverse Roof
  • Hybrid Green Roof
  • Intensive Green Roof

Our systems are in accordance with GRO – Green Roof Organisation.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements at your convenience.

atal uk are able to aid design, supply and install if required.

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