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Structural Waterproofing

We design, supply, train and install all aspects of structural waterproofing. We will design you bespoke details using the most advanced materials and methods to ensure sub structures are robust and compliant with BS8102:2009 whilst bearing in mind cost and sustainability.

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External Waterproofing

atal uk realise that the most cost effective form of Below Ground waterproofing is external tanking. Traditional methods using Self-Adhesive Bituminous membranes are still relevant in the waterproofing industry but the various forms of Sodium Bentonite ‘blanket’ are currently in favour, due to their ease of use and self healing qualities. External tanking not only provides protection to water ingress but protection to the structure and steel that make up the slab and walls, from water-born salts and other ‘nasties’ within the ground.

Internal Waterproofing

atal uk have the means to prevent and rectify rooms below ground using the latest materials and techniques available. A cavity drain system utilises high density studded plastic membrane to line walls, floors and ceilings where required.

Basement Conversions

Basement conversions are a growing trend, as waterproofing methods and material technology have made cellar conversions affordable. Damp, dank cellars can now be transformed into comfortable habitable areas. Investing in a basement conversion does not require the rigours and cost of planning permission and is much more cost effective than a conventional extension or loft conversion.

atal uk basement conversions carry a 10 year warranty and a BBA certificate stating the materials used will perform for the lifetime of the structure. The tanking element of a basement conversion should always be carried out by trained contractors.

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