Basement Waterproofing, 

As experts in structural and basement waterproofing and ground gas protection solutions, we offer the highest quality of service. From taking design responsibilty, materials supply, to on-site training and support, or installation by our own experienced teams and approved installers.

Atal UK provide design services for all stages of the build from concept stage to remedial works for existing structures.

If you notice any of the following eight signs in your home, contact a waterproofing professional immediately:

  • Water puddles in the basement
  • Water stains on the floor or walls
  • Leaks coming from the floor or walls
  • Condensation on basement windows or doors
  • Swelling or warped doors
  • The smell of dampness that doesn’t seem to go away
  • Visual confirmation of mold or mildew
  • Cracking on the floor or walls

You'll be helped along the way by an ATM(Area Technical Manager).

The role of our ATM is to look after architects, engineers and contractors involved with the Wateproofing and Ground Gas protection elements on a project. Their involvement begins in the design stage and they assist you right the way through to project completion, to ensure you have a point of contact at all times.

Key tip for successfully using waterproofing concrete:

Always check the mix design. The mix design is really the key recipe of the concrete. In this process you're looking to identify whether the mix design is appropriate for the project. For example: Swimming pools will require a different mix design to a basement wall.

Ensuring your design complies with the relevant british standards (BS8102, the Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground, NHBC Chapter 5.4, and BS 8485, the Code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings.) doesn't mean overcomplicating the solution. In fact, keeping the waterproofing system simple, may be the most effective way to ensure the contractor installs it correctly.

Work closely with the engineer and insurance provider to understand their requirements.

Ensure the design is achievable. Have you heard the quote; "I can draw a man holding an elephant up but I can't actually do it". It's absolutely key that the design is achievable to install on site, this requires considering a host of factors.

And to reiterate, ensure the solution is simple AND effective. Getting it complete correctly first time, will be cheaper than rectifying the solution with remedial action.

Enquiring with atal uk

We would be delighted to assist you on any project with basement waterproofing aspects. We offer a free design and quote service. In sending us the plans and sections for the projects, we can get on the case straight away. For our benefit, a site investigation report is always helpful to recieve to ensure the correct solution is specified!


The customers that have been supplied with the admixture have been pleased and we have had no issues with strength or quality.

The change to the bags sizes(introduction of the water soluable bag) has made it easier especially for manually handling on the plant side.

- Kevin D'Souza - London Concrete

The atal service has been fantastic, the architect specified the types of waterproofing that we’d need. We had early design meetings with atal and the main contractor and from that point we’ve gone through the whole process from design to copmletion. They’ve been great.

- Simon Mann

Thankyou so much to atal for inviting me to todays meeting. I've learnt a whole lot about building physics, Type B Waterproofing and seen some really interesting case studies. The product looks absolutely fantastic and will do very well i'm sure of it!

- Adam Meyrick

I have worked with the guys at Atal for a number of years now whilst working for a number of companies & I would recommend them to other potential customers. I like their proactive approach, customer service, technical knowledge & speedy deliveries. 


If I ever have a problem or detail that needs resolving there is normally  someone available to help, even if it means them jumping in the car & visiting one of our sites at short notice!

- Richard Cleghorn MCIOB, P Chapman Construction

Great service on pricing enquiries for supply and Install, also repairing work - friendly and efficient staff.

- Simon Marsh

I would go with atal for waterproofing on any of my projects!

- Mike Mansfield, Intelle Construction

MJL Contractors Ltd have worked with Atal for a number of years now. We appreciate the professional & approachable manner offered by all of the staff at Atal & we know that if we have a problem we only have to pick up the phone & they will do their best to solve it. Prices are competitive & deliveries arrive as agreed.

- Richard Cleghorn MCIOB, MJL Group Limited

‘’Project architects, RDA liaised with Atal to bring forward a set of waterproofing and tanking details to ensure a water tight lower ground floor level within the setting of the original Bristol Evening Post print factory basement.  Atal provided us with design drawings and specifications founded on their product range and comprehensive industry experience, with which we were able to confidently develop our working drawing package.’’

- Rich Brown – Russ Drage Architects

‘’We had the fortune of being introduced to Atal via our main contractor. We were very pleased with the work they carried out. Although we had some challenges with some leaks with our new build Atal was able to identify the source of the problem very quickly and resolve it immediately. I would have no hesitation in recommending Atal.’’

- Prakash Patel – Hertz

‘’We have completed the groundworks package and almost completed the RC frame package at ‘’3 Glass Wharf’’ in Bristol on behalf of HMRC through Wates Construction. Throughout this project 4D Structures worked alongside Atal UK to ensure the waterproofing elements involved were installed to the highest standard. It was a pleasure working with Atal from design stage right through to the final sign off. They provide a brilliant service from design, supply of materials and also on site help and pre pour inspections. I would highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the near future.’

- Jordan Keyes – 4D Structures

‘’Atal have provided consistently quality products, on time at very competitive prices when compared to other high spec structural waterproofing brands. Customer Service has also been consistently, and the inclusion of detailed design documents tailored to specific projects goes above and beyond what other waterproofing companies are often willing to do. Overall, Atal have provided reliable, high quality products and customer service every time we have required their expertise’’ 

- Tom Luscombe – D Wall Construction Services

‘’We have been working with Dave and his team since the inception of the company and it is no surprise at all that the company continues to flourish. The services that Atal offers are unique and un-rivalled in the UK waterproofing industry, and it’s the reason why we as designers and our supply chain partners continue to use them. Keep up the good work Atal!’’

- Gavin Fairclough – Austin Partnership

“We always use Atal for their waterproofing expertise because of their technical ability to provide bespoke waterproofing design solutions tailored to our structural requirements in a proactive and efficient timescale”

- Matt Jones - Vale Consultancy

"Atal have a comprehensive product range, they always offer practical achievable solution and delivery on time results. David is very knowledgeable, and his positive approach is refreshing, hopefully we will continue to enjoy our mutually beneficial relationship, long into the future.”

- Simon Monk - McDermotts

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