Product Highlight - Aquafin CJ6

So what is Aquafin-CJ6?

Aquafin-CJ6 is a thermoplastic expansive waterstop that enables secure and simple waterproofing of construction joints.

AQUAFIN®-CJ6 is used for waterproofing the inner side of concrete construction joints where there is constant or intermittent exposure to ground water, run-off water and/or surface water.


What are the advantages?

• Simple application.

• Rapid and strong expansion (> 850% after 8 days).

• Swelling process inexhaustible, often reversible.

• Suitable for fresh water and sea water applications.

• General technical approval certificate available.

• No fouling of formwork or reinforcement possible.


Example Details for Aquafin-CJ6

(Detail only displays 1 line of defence - highlighting only where CJ6 would be installed as part of the Betocrete System)

Technical Detail - Waterproofing a Retaining Wall utilising Aquafin CJ-6

Waterproofing a Retaining Wall using Aquafin-CJ6

Technical Detail - Waterproofing a base slap and walls below ground.

Waterproofing a base slab and walls below ground

Technical Detail - Waterproofing a Water Tank

Waterproofing a Water Tank Atal UK

Aquafin CJ6 installed onto an exposed aggregate joint using adhesive.

Waterproofing using CJ6
cj6 installed

Example Detail from Atal UK - Construction Joint Through Wall Detail - Site in the Midlands

On the note of Atal Details;

Here's some good news; providing us with sections, a plan and the site investigation report means we can provide you with site specific waterproofing details and an NBS format spec for tender! (Even better news - there's absolutely NO cost at this point!)

We will make sure our quote is competitive. Once the materials are delivered to site we will train the groundworker in the installation of the materials and call to site on a regular basis to advise on the install. 

So don't let Waterproofing cause you a headache, we're specialists and we will offer to take on the design responsibility!

Structural Waterproofing Aquafin CJ6

Aquafin CJ6 has multpile installation possibilities:

1. Bonding using a mounting adhesive or with mechanical fixings

2. Butt joints

3. Overlapping joints

4. Corner joints


  • It is essential to store the waterstop dry.
  • Waterstops must lie flat and planar on the concrete.
  • There must be no contaminants beneath the waterstop.
  • Protect the waterstop from moisture until the concrete is poured.
  • Before commencing the concreting process visually inspect the waterstop. Heavily swollen waterstop tape is unsuitable and must be removed.
  • Waterstops are not suitable for movement joints.

You can enquire about this product here: Atal UK