Retrofitting hazardous ground gas protection measures in exisiting or refurbished buildings (C795)

Who are CIRIA?

CIRIA is the Construction Industry Research and Information Association, a neutral, independent and not-for-profit body. Their vision is to be a leading enabler and preferred partner for performance improvement, driving collaboration across built environment and construction sectors for the identification, development and transfer of knowledge.

They're industry wide collaborators with an investment in research that aims to identify good practise, develop new approaches and enable innovation. As networkers, they enable a spread of knowledge through events, traininng, reports and web services.

Engaging with policy groups, government sponsors, regulators, clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers, they provide an insight into new and emerging developments, whilst having influence in these developments too.

Their research projects and activities will usually result in the publication of guidance documents, many of which have been adopted as the standard for excellence in their respective areas. This is where we are happy to have an involvement.


Our Involvement:

We are delighted to confirm that atal uk Technical Director, Ian Price, was on the steering committee for the latest CIRIA digest publication.

Having lead the Technical Department over the past 8 years, Ian has ensured that clients and insurers alike are fully satisfied with atal systems. This is through the developed "Hand holding service" that includes supervision by atal advisors throughout each unique project. With a keen eye for detail, he has continued to take every opportunity to further his education, completing the CSSW qualification but also being in the final year of his Civil Engineering degree.


The Publication:

Retrofitting hazardous ground gas protection measures in exisiting or refurbished buildings (C795)

"A substantial body of guidance relating to hazardous ground gas has been published over the last 30 years or so, the large majority of which relates to the assessment, design, and construction of gas protection measures to new buildings. Although there is some guidance on the retrofitting of gas protection measures to existing buildings (much of it related to radon) the absence of specific advice regarding retrofitting has resulted in instances of the inappropriate application of the guidance for new buildings.

This publication provides good practice guidance on the retrofitting of hazardous ground gas protection measures in existing buildings where these measures were absent, inadequate or faulty, as well as buildings subject to extension (lateral or basement) or refurbishment. It is relevant to the risk assessor, designer, installer, verifier, and regulator involved in such a project. Throughout this guide hazardous ground gas is used as an overarching term to refer to permanent gases, methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and radon." -


Atal UK will continue to invest in improving the resources that are made availble to ensure best practise is always maintained.