Here's what to expect when you enquire:

On submitting an enquiry form, our team receives a notification to start the process! We choose for this to be manual to ensure that you're dealt with by the correct team. 

Our team begins by identifying which parts of the enquiry need to go to which teams, as one enquiry may need input from multiple people! We do that from the beginning so that your project can be dealt with as efficiently as possible.

You'll be met with either an email or a phone call, by the relevant member of team atal to begin discussing the needs of your unique project.

The need to knows:

  • Our lead time for a bespoke project specific design is 5 working days.
  • Your enquiry is dealt with by CSSW Qualified specialists.
  • Our designs are compliant to British Standards BS8102 and BS8485.
  • If there are Radon requirements, the details will be compliant with BR 211.
  • We have exclusive partnership agreements with two major German Manufacturers.
  • Atal take the design responsibility for waterproofing requirements on your project. (Our designs are backed by PI Insurance)

Listen to our team describing the atal system of enquiry here:

We'll be in touch soon, thanks for choosing atal uk!