In the UK, construction projects are judged on value, comprising of completion time, cost, quality of workmanship, whilst meeting the design brief, therefore it is essential to avoid costly or time-consuming delays or mistakes.

When considering products within the atal portfolio, we focus on the ease and simplicity of application in addition to the cost and performance.


Specdrop is a simple way for specifiers to pass on relevant information on the waterproofing requirements of your project/basement.

Just attach plans, sections, elevations and site investigation reports, and in return we will produce bespoke waterproofing and/or ground gas protection detailing specific to the project.

All our details will be in accordance with BS 8102:2009, BS 8485, BRE Digests and specific requirements for projects requiring NHBC, LABC and Premier approval.

Simply drag and drop your pdf or dwg attachment and we will return details within 5 working days.


Prepare your spec

Upload to SpecDrop

Processed by Atal Tech Dept

Bespoke drawings emailed back

Incorporate into project spec

There is an upload limit of 9 files